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Improving The Mind and Body Through Massage

Most Frequently Relieved by Regular Massage Treatment

 Stresss and tensions; client feels better to cope with day-to-day situations

 Mental and physical fatigue; renewed energy and ambition

 Pain in the shoulder, neck, and back; feeling more comfortable

 Soreness and stiffness; muscles and joints become more supple

 Muscles soreness from overexertion can be reduced or prevented

 Circulation is improved; improving delivery of nutrients to and removal of wastes from the tissues

 Digestion, assimilation, and elimination are often improved

 Facial massage helps tone the skin, helps prevent blemished skin and softens fine lines

 Headache and eyestrain often relieved

 Deep relaxation induced and insomnia often relieved

 Relief of muscle spasms

 Obesity (overweight) and flabby muscle can be improved when combined with proper exercise, healthy eating habits, and regular massage

 Relief of pain in joints, sprains, and circulation improvement

 Increases nourishing blood to the skin and other parts of the body to encourage healing

 Reduces mental strain, resulting in better productivity

 Mildly high blood pressure is temporarliy reduced

 Renewed sense of confidence and control is experienced

 Constrictions and adhesions can be reduced or prevented as traumatized muscel tissue heals

 Joint mobility can be increased

Benefits of Massage to Persons with Cancer

Provides some pain relief or control

Reduces nausea

Improves digestion and elimination

Relieves stress

Helps insomnia

Reduces anxiety

Provides some relief from depression

Provides some relief from muscle tension and spasms

Helps improve flexibility

Helps restore range of motion

Improves lymph movement and reduces edema

Increases body awareness

Restores positive body image

Enhances self-esteem

Improves outlook on life

Improves quality of life

Boosts the healing process

Promotes health

Feels good at a time when lots of things feel bad

Contraindications for Massage

Abnormal body temperature

Acute infectious disease

Acute Inflammation




Acute hematoma




Severe Hypertension



Toxemia or pre-eclampsia

Contagious conditions

WARNING: any physical, emotional, or mental condition that may cause a particular massage treatment to be unsafe or detrimental to the client's well-being. Contraindications may be absolute, regional, or conditional. Absolute contraindication is when massage is absolutely not appropriate, such as acute conditions (just occurred or within a time period of the occurrence) or toxemia during pregnancy. Regional contraindication is when massage is prohibited to only a local part of the body, such as local contagious conditions, open wounds and arthritis, but massaging other areas is fine. Conditional contraindications requires the adjustments of specific massage techniques when there are health concerns. Certain massage techniques may cause discomfort or have adverse effects, such conditions as cancer and pregnancy. If you have a contraindication condition, please consult your physician and get a referral or recommendation for massage.